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I am a doctoral candidate in human genetics at the Institute for Molecular Medicine, Finland at the University of Helsinki, with a background in evolutionary biology and ecology. I also previously worked as an educator in STEM fields. I am interested in ways that sustainability in healthcare systems can be addressed, with new technologies and in translating research from academia to use in clinical settings.

A researcher interested in sustainability in healthcare systems

Lea M. Urpa

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I am an author, speaker and sustainable business strategist, based in Finland but working across Africa, Asia, and Europe. I coach young growth companies in their efforts to navigate strategic sustainability challenges, such as turbulent markets, limited resources, and social disparities. Working across world regions helps me see sustainability challenges from different perspectives and enables me to identify solutions with potential to be replicated in other contexts. I am intrigued by the fact that most plans and strategies are never implemented in practice and believe that we need to shift to less top-down and more flexible ways of running projects and programmes. 

A strategy advisor helping growth companies navigate sustainability challenges

Jovin Hurry