Next Generation Leaders


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I am social entrepreneur running a recycling and waste management business in Chennai, India. Our enterprise - called Paperman - contributes to building a circular economy by engaging 270 informal waste buyers and over 5000 waste generators. I have also co-founded OpenAct along with another Nelis members to promote discussions on the Sustainable Development Goals across cities in India. I feel that my life gets richer when I have opportunities to help other people succeed. 

A social entrepreneur engaging informal waste buyers in the circular economy 

Mathew Jose 

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I am a consultant and networking facilitator running a startup ecosystem supporting entrepreneurs. In this role, I bring sustainability into what other people do, regardless of whether they work in finance, accounting, education, urban planning, or social enterprises. This reflects my philosophy that sustainability should not be pursued as a separate domain but needs to be embedded in other professional and business practices. I seek to create dynamic encounters where different ideas and perspectives, and people with different skill-sets, “collide” and co-develop new solutions. 

A holistic networker “connecting the dots” for innovative solutions

Shravan Shankar


I am a Deputy Manager working in transport planning in the city of Delhi. Trained as an architect, I
promote sustainable urban mobility through city planning, transit design, and infrastructure
development for biking and walking. In addition to being a practitioner in this area, I am also a
researcher exploring long-term trends in urban development and mobility patterns, as well as an
ambassador for sustainable urbanism, lecturing in universities and other forums both in India and
abroad. I am intrigued by the multiple facets of city life and try to create connections between
peoples’ need for transport and other aspects of urbanity. 

A megacity transport planner with a holistic approach

Ryan Christopher Sequeira

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I am an environmental educator - the founder and lead coordinator of Youth Conservation Action Network (YOUCAN). Based in India, I use visual storytelling as a tool to teach students about the value and importance of healthy ecosystems and I encourage and mentor middle-school students who write their own books on environmental issues. I also use stories and visuals to stimulate collaborative learning and to inspire people to take action to protect the environment. Since my childhood days I feel spiritually connected to the environment and I am concerned about the young generation that grows up in cities, highly disconnected from nature. 

An educational storyteller with a spiritual link to nature 

K. Ramnath Chandrasekhar (Ram)