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Q1   Who is Felix?

Felix Bidemi Iziomoh is the Executive Director of the International Centre for Leadership Development (ICLDNG) Nigeria, and Nigerian Coordinator for the International Institute for Global Leadership (IIGL - USA), where he received the vision for his work.


Felix is also the Nigeria Ambassador for World Leadership Day, a global think tank group; he is a certified Brian Mayne Goal Mapping Facilitator and trainer as well as a leadership development expert, and a life coach and career development professional.

He holds a degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Lagos and is presently undergoing his Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counselling.


Felix has authored two books on leadership (available from Amazon): 

-  "African Leadership 101: 7 Secrets for the African Renaissance"   

- "The Way Forward: 5 Effective Steps to Achieving Your Life Goals".


Q2  What are you working on/how are you involved in sustainability?

My quest for personal development is coupled with a burning desire to impact positively in the lives of the people. In April 2014, I resigned my post at Trans Nationwide Express Plc (Tranex), an indigenous courier company where I was Operations Supervisor, and proceeded to Kanthari - International Institute for Social Entrepreneurship, Kerala, India to take the Professional  Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship Programme, graduating in December 2014. I currently work as the Executive Director of ICLDNG.


My philosophy of life is that the more you put into what you do the more you get out of it - and serving or empowering people is no exception to this rule.  Empowering people increases knowledge and confidence, this in turn increases curiosity, leading to further development. In my pursuit driven by the urge to learn more and become a better leader and strategist, I have had aspirations to empower young people since graduating from University of Lagos, Nigeria. This passion was further ignited by the intensive social entrepreneurship leadership training at International Institute for Global Leadership, USA and Kanthari, India. I am excited to be on the right part of making that dream a reality. Through the goals that I set for myself, I have grown into a confident, thoughtful, and respected leader in my community and in my personal life.  The new skills learnt will serve me well as I embark on this next challenge and further my career as a social worker.


Q3  What motivates & keeps you passion up?

To succeed in life, I have to remain focused on what is important to achieve my goal.  It requires me to be introspective and this is not an easy process. Part of this process is choosing and applying myself in the direction I have deemed to grow. This led to my decision to resign from my job as a courier supervisor as it will enable me to follow my passion in motivating teams and individuals to perform at their highest level, and I see this as being perfectly in step with my goal of pursuing a career in Leadership consulting.


In addition to this, I believe my most impactful expressions of leadership have been my efforts to help others. As l was privileged enough to be awarded a scholarship from Kanthari in India. I set up an informal program for youth and teenagers on leadership, internet safety, and life skills training as a way to help them handle difficult interpersonal and intrapersonal situations and use the internet positively. Since 2014, I have mentored young teenagers who have been faced with a range of different circumstances, bringing out their vulnerabilities and helped them see their different strengths and achieve their goals. Being a mentor gave me the privilege of guiding another first generation of leaders, in their own right.


Why are you part of NELIS?

I believe my background gives me the capacity for fearless thinking and being part of NELIS will help strengthen that foundation and enable me to become the kind of dynamic strategic leader who can bring the vision to life. I will bring with me my enthusiasm, dedication, and a stalwart work ethic. I am proud of what I have accomplished thus far in my life and see much of it as a stepping stone toward a successful future in this world. I now need to expand my skills set beyond the current level and I see NELIS as the seamless organization to help me do so.

Joining NELIS team is the best thing that has happened to me and I look forward to learn from experienced people and to also give my expertise and skills in whatever way I can. I see NELIS as the means for sharing his expertise with the youth who will become future leaders, thereby transforming society into a heart-centred and mutually caring entity.

More about Felix:

Felix holds the following certifications:

  • Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship; International Institute for Global Leadership; Asheville, NC; USA

  • Social Entrepreneurship; Centre for Social Initiative and Management; Chennai, India

  • Leadership Studies; kanthari - Institute for Social Entrepreneurship; Kerala, India  

  • Citizenship and Leadership Training; Sea School; Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Felix is an expert in project management, he has managed several projects which include kanthari talks in India, Shift project of the International Centre for Leadership Development Nigeria, the New Nigeria Dream project, and he is currently the project officer for African Youth Initiative on Crime Prevention (AYICRIP).

  • Felix has held the following leadership roles at IIGL:  

  • Board member 2009 – 2012; 

  • Executive Secretary 2012 - 2013;

  • Vice President 2013-2015

  • President 2015

He is also a board member at JustCare Initiative Nigeria.

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