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I am an organic farmer and the founder of Springboard Nigeria, a social enterprise that uses organic farming and healthy food production to create meaningful and responsible work for rural and semi urban youth. As a farmer, I have a responsibility to protect the soil and pass it on to the next generations in good condition, just as I also have an obligation to produce safe, healthy, and nutritious food. Through my organization, I teach people to grow and consume food in a way that respects the environment and people. I dream of a future where our nation feeds itself and where everyone has access to fresh, local, healthy, affordable food, and where communities feel connected to the land and each other.

An organic farmer inspiring a shift to sustainable food systems

Lawrence Afere

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I am an entrepreneur in the field of fashion design and marketing, the founder and CEO of Kapable_designs - a Nigeria-based firm that sews and brands clothes, and that makes designs and prints on gift items and souvenirs. Before entering the world of fashion, I worked in sales and marketing for a number of organisations. My angle on sustainability is mainly to sensitise and educate young individuals in my community on the importance of skill acquisition. With the right skills they get confidence in their own ability and can become responsible members of our community.

A fashion entrepreneur inspiring youth to acquire useful skills

Oladotun Kayode Peter Kapable 

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I am a social entrepreneur and the founder of Mamamoni - a web-platform that connects socially conscious lenders with poor women in Nigeria who want to start their own businesses. At Mamamoni we also provide such new female entrepreneurs with training, equipping them with skills needed in the business world. My strong engagement in helping disadvantaged women grows from my own experience. As a child of a widowed mother without any vocational skills, I know first-hand how many women are struggling to feed their families and send their children to school. By providing such
women with useful skills and access to start-up capital, I increase their opportunities to build secure livelihoods and get out of poverty. 

A social entrepreneur helping women rise from poverty

Okocha Nkem

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I am a leadership development expert, a life coach, and a trainer, based in Nigeria. I currently work as the Executive Director of the International Centre for Leadership Development Nigeria (ICLDNG) while also pursuing a Masters degree in Counselling. In 2014, I resigned from my job as a supervisor at a courier company and enrolled in a Professional Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship Programme. For the rest of my career, I want to create synergies between my own quest for personal development and my desire to impact positively in the lives of other people.

A life coach who grows while supporting others

Felix Bidemi Iziomoh